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The community of llama owners is a great big circle of friends.  Many people find llamas present them with a whole new lifestyle, a lifestyle where the pace is slower, the joys are more frequent and where the love you give your animals comes right back to you 100 times over.

Llamas find their way into the lives of many different people, mainly because of their docile temperament, cleanliness and graceful appearance.  From schools to nursing homes, hospitals to parades, hiking trails to golf courses, llamas are everywhere and always bringing joy to those they meet.

Llama events can be found all over the United States for people and llamas of all ages and perspectives.  There are performance and halter classes to be found at over 144 ALSA llama shows across the country.  Festivals, organizational meetings and llama sales, either private or public, offer both the novice and the experienced llama buyer an opportunity to socialize and expand their herd.

For no reason, other than just owning them, individuals have found llamas to be companions for quiet walks.  A docile and gentle nature makes the llama non-threatening and safe even around small children.  The fun, excitement, emotional satisfaction, rewards and investment opportunities of owning llamas have become known across the country and llamas' popularity is steadily growing.  

Llama "Networks"

Many llama owners have never had hands-on experience with other large animals.  There are many new owners who receive a great deal of information and training from the individuals who sell them llamas.  However, it is like a neonatal class - it's always a little different when the baby actually arrives.

The good news is that in the llama industry there are a great many places from which to receive help and assistance.

Most llama owners belong to regional and national organizations.  Most of these organizations will have annual or even semi-annual conferences.  This is a wonderful opportunity to be educated on all the up-to-date methods of housing, feeding, vaccinating, birthing and overall management of llamas.  Many conferences host some of our country's most educated llama vets, nutritionists and feed consultants.

These conferences also give owners an opportunity to socialize with other breeders who are always willing and anxious to tell their own llama stories.

A typical llama conference will also include a marketing expert who will share, from their own past experiences, marketing concepts and advertising plans that have worked for them.  Many llama get-togethers will include training and showmanship workshops as well.

Llama conferences and llama events become gatherings that we took forward to attending.  Every time we speak to another llama owner, we learn something that will benefit our own programs.

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