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Here is a sample of what you will find!

bulletRMLA is dedicated to educating the membership and public about lamas with over 23 events planned for year 2000.
bulletRMLA has a very extensive library of books, magazines and brochures available to members.
bulletRMLA supports the Lama Medical Research Group which coordinates the Lama Medical Research for the Lama Industry.
bulletPart of your RMLA dues this year will go to support the National and Regional marketing and promotion of lamas and your ranch.

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     The Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association began when a group of about 40 enthusiasts met in 1982 at Monument, Colorado, to join together in an effort to promote camelids to the general public and to help one another learn about the wonders of lamas.  Among the founders were individuals interested in the use of lamas for their fiber and for packing; persons who enjoyed their companionship as pets, and serious breeders interested in breeding genetically sound animals.
     The founders were pioneers in promoting soundness and conformational strengths of lamas, sharing experiences of all uses of llamas, and stimulating the beginnings of research. RMLA was incorporated in 1983, making it one of the oldest lama organizations.

        Today, the organization solidly continues in the direction set by our founding members for the purpose of sharing information about llamas and alpacas with fellow owners and the general public.

Some of RMLA's Activities and Benefits

     This past year RMLA sponsored 23 events for lamas including five ALSA shows, the JellyBean Classic fun day, Fairplay Llama Race, and the new Golden Gate Escape.

     RMLA continues to support and promote the very successful Fiber Co-op. The Co-op has been successful in creating a marketplace for lama fiber and has given RMLA members a sales outlet for the fiber their animals are naturally producing.

     RMLA publishes Caring for Llamas and Alpacas . . . the industry standard. This book covers all the routine health maintenance issues concerning llamas and alpacas in an easy to understand format.

     The Service Directory: This Yellow Pages of the llama industry was mailed to over 2,500 non-RMLA members in the Rocky Mountain Region and continues to be your very best means of advertising. All RMLA members received a copy of this directory. It will be passed out at shows and county fairs, and distributed to those seeking information about llamas or alpacas. This year the Directory will be an integral part of our marketing plan. Don't miss this opportunity to promote your ranch. 

Order Service Directory.

Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association
 has a new home visit