Johne's Disease
Llama Ban at Canyonlands

Llama Legal Defense Fund Managed by Rocky Mountain Llama & Alpaca Association
Canyonlands Task Force Stan Ebel, Bob Riley, Scott Woodruff

At the 1996 Llama Assembly in Colorado Springs, Colorado, it was brought to the attention of those present that the Llama ban due to the unfounded threat of Johne's Disease at the Canyonlands National Park had not been overturned. It was also pointed out that although there was no scientific evidence to support the ban, it appeared that other government agencies were preparing to follow with similar bans of their own in a copy cat fashion.

By a vote of the attendees, the Canyonlands Task Force was created for the principal purpose of gathering sound scientific evidence in regards to llamas and Johne's. The Task Force was authorized to hire an attorney to insure that government agencies based any new bans on the most current scientific evidence and that proper procedures where being followed when considering such bans. Also to press for a reversal of the current Canyonlands ban.

In addition, the Llama Legal Defense Fund was also created with the sole responsibility of raising funds for the operation of the Canyonlands Task Force.

The Johne's Disease issue has been resolved! (9/97)

"Summary of Events" (Read this first)
Settlement Agreement" (This is what we agreed to.)
Dabney's Memo" (Llamas are not a threat!)
The Complaint for Injunctive Relief" (This was our complaint)

** History **

Update on Johne's Disease Ban, letter mailed to all llama and alpaca newsletters 5/96

Summary of Johne's Disease Workshop by the BLM at Colorado State 3/96

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher letter regarding Kofa proposed llama ban.

The Llama Legal Defense Fund needs your support if we are to continue to press for a reversal of the unwarranted ban at Canyonlands. Everyone who donates to the Fund will receive a bumper sticker "Llamas are Environmentally Friendly."
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Llama Legal Defense Fund
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