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A feature-packed 14 minute video of llama information.... this fully explains why so many people are just crazy about llamas. You will see their gentleness, their intuitiveness around young children and the elderly. You'll experience their calming nature and feel the magic of llamas. This professionally produced video sold for $29.95.


A 60-page Breeder's Catalog of the many llama and alpaca farms and ranches you can visit. Many of the llama breeders have pictures of their facilities. The 200 plus ranches will roll out the welcome mat to anyone seeking a llama experience. The catalog is organized by state making it easy for you to find a friend in the llama business.


Helpful hints and basic information for the new llama owner.


Lists of organizations for support and additional information.


The kit includes the free Brochure highlighting the llama experience with answers to many of your questions.


You will receive a bumper sticker "Sharing the Magic of Llamas."

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2. Order the "Brochure" 
highlighting the llama experience with answers to many of your questions.

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